“Better & Different” launches “Quinoflakes” – a line of roasted quinoa grains.


“Better & Different” company, which specializes in manufacturing and marketing natural food products, launches a new product in the market of breakfast cereals – “Quinoflakes” product line – roasted quinoa grains, made of natural quinoa grains.

The line includes 2 flavors – natural and mildly sweet.


Quinoa flaks are made out of natural quinoa grains, which have undergone a special process of cooking and a short period of roasting that preserves all of the quinoa’s nutritional values. In this innovative manufacturing process – the quinoa grains are preserved whole and not processed, which gives the product crispiness and crunch.


The line includes 2 flavors – “Natural Quinflakes” – contains 100% quinoa without food additives and “Mildly Sweet Quinoflakes”, which contains 94% quinoa, 5% sugar and salt.


Naturopath – Dr. Hila Geva Aviram, manager of “MediTeva” colleges’ chain and advisor to “Better & Different”, states that quinoa is gluten-free and rich in vital amino acids. Also, quinoa is full of vitamins, especially from the complex B group, which is important to the nervous system and contains important minerals such as: magnesium, calcium and iron.


The products are Kosher Badatz by the orthodox community.

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