“Better & Different” Company has received its Ministry of Health’s GMP stamp for a manufacturing line of rice crackers and buckwheat crackers


Food Company “Better & Different” has received recently the GMT stamp of approval from the Ministry of Health to manufacture a line of rice & buckwheat crackers, which allows the company to advertise their products as gluten-free.

Zvika Bash, the CEO of “Better & Different”, said that rice and buckwheat crackers are considered to be highly sold products of the company, which is why receiving the GMP stamp and marking the products as gluten-free has much importance for Coeliac patients that avoid gluten, as well as the rest of the population that seeks more and more to reduce gluten consumption for health reasons. It is needed to mention that these products never contained gluten, yet just now the official permit for it.


More added by Zvika Bash, is that the approved gluten-free products include: rice crackers, rice and quinoa crackers, rice with buckwheat crackers and buckwheat crackers. Those products are added to the vast, already approved, gluten-free products of the company which include – cornflakes, rice krispies, “Adif” coating (schnitzel coating) and quinoflakes (roasted quinoa grains).

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