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3. Breakfast cereals’ factory, “Tirpaz”, has received its Ministry of Health’s GMP stamp.


“Tirpaz” factory, which has an expertise in gluten-free breakfast cereals and which was acquired approximately two years ago by food company “Better & Different”, has recently received its GMP quality stamp from the Ministry of Health. The factory is spread over 3 donums, which have 1,600 square meters of constructed area.

Zvika Bash, CEO of “Better & Different”, commented that in the last two years the manufacturing line in “Tirpaz” factory has been renewed, as well as changing the fuel running the machines from diesel to gasoline – a move which was made in order to preserve the environment. The factory focuses mainly on manufacturing rice krispies and cornflakes, which are made of rice and corn, without food additives – in manufacturing processes which allow to preserve the nutritional values of the products. Lately, the factory has introduced a new product in the market of breakfast cereals – quinoflakes, which is made from quinoa grains, as well as coating for fried types of food, that are made from a 100% corn.

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