Production quality

We at B&D try to reduce the industrial processes to the possible minimum. Our aim, through all the way, is to care for the quality of producing by using homely and as less industrial as possible methods so we can present to you the power of the nature.
What does it mean? We'll reveal to you some of our professional "secrets":
Our Peanut Butter is based on peanuts only, without any syrups or additives. We roast the peanuts in slow roast in order to keep the taste and the nutrition values.
Our Rice Cakes are produced by relatively old methods as well, been baked one by one very carefully.
Some of our products, like the sesame of the tahini, are ground with millstone, which allows the vitamins and minerals to be better absorbed in the body.
The Cornflakes, and so are our other cereals, are produced from whole corn grains without using mixtures of flour. This way we preserve the power of nature.


So, how have we started?
More than 30 years ago, Moshe and Simha Bash brothers were the owners of two groceries in Jerusalem. They knew the conflict that exists in the food consumption – the supply of simple and cheap products in the groceries, or the supply of healthy and high-quality products in the nature stores in exorbitant prices.
That is how the dream was formed, to establish a company that will produce natural and high-quality products in affordable prices.
In the beginning, the company had established as a factory for porridges, then we started to produce Enan tahini according to Dr Enan's method, then we opened a production line for Rice Cakes, which became a basic product in almost every house. And the rest is history…


Our vision was clear from the beginning… establishing a company that produces natural and high-quality products with minimum intervention of industrial processes, and at prices that are affordable, while also tasty.
We believe that big families, that are not necessarily wealthy, also deserve the most nutritious food, and so we make an effort to keep the prices affordable.
Our products are already part of the family. We make sure to offer products for any range of age – from porridges for babies, through concentrates and cereals for kids, to tahini and sesame butter for strengthening at any age. We have also developed a great variety of gluten free products and products without addition of sugar or salt, because everyone deserves high quality, healthy and tasty products.
"B&D Naturally, it's healthier"- this is our slogan, and this is our main value that all of our business activity is based on.
This is not as simple as it sounds. Because creating a natural, high quality, healthy and tasty products that will suit every age and also be affordable – well, this is an art.

Our Kashrut

As every other aspect at B&D, the kashrut of our products strives for perfection as well.
Just as the quality of the raw materials, the rich variety, the taste and the price is important to us- it is also important to us that the kashrut will be at high-level and will allow as much people as possible to enjoy our products. Therefore we chose our products to have the high-level kashrut of the Eidah HaChareidis and the kashrut of Ma'ale Adumim Rabbinate.