Why should you consume quinoa?

What has not been said about Quinoa? That it is bird food,
that it is not tasty.
Yet, before we overlook it and move to the next trend, what does
quinoa contain?
Quinoa is filled with protein

contains 8 amino acids, which together, provide a
complete, whole protein.
Quinoa is full of dietary fibers

Thus, it is recommended to balance the levels of
blood lipids, glucose level in the blood and its dietary
fibers assist in losing weight.
High minerals concentration

Quinoa contains iron, magnesium, phosphorus,
copper, manganese and calcium. Therefore, quinoa is recommended to lo
blood vessels, lower blood pressure, improve neural pathways,
detoxification and
producing energy.
High vitamin levels

among the many vitamins it contains, quinoa has B2 vitamin,
which is in charge of metabolism in the brain and muscular cel
ls. Also, it is a great
source for folic acid.
Most importantly, it is gluten-free and as such, provides
an excellent substitute for
those who avoid gluten, especially since it is light to dig